Columbia County

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Dayton Chinatown

Dayton Chinatown. Columbia County.
Dayton Chinatown was on the southeast side of the Touchet Bridge on the Touchet River. It was centered on Main Street, occupying one block by 1880. There were laundries and restaurants serving those who worked as servants and placer miners. An attempt to remove the Chinese in 1892 failed. However, by 1911 Dayton Chinatown was no longer in existence. Reference: Evas-Meyer 1984.

Dayton Chinese Garden. Columbia County.
Dayton Chinese Garden was on the flood plain of the Touchet River, southwest of Dayton Chinatown. It was a place where the Chinese lived and tended the vegetable garden. See Dayton Chinatown, Columbia County. Reference: Evers-Meyer 1984.

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