Jefferson County

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Chinese Gardens

Chinese Gardens. Jefferson County.
Chinese Gardens is located in Fort Worden State Park, North Beach, Port Townsend. The gardens were on the north shore area of Chinese Garden Lagoon (shown on the image above as Chinese Gardens). A plaque at the site states: “The Chinese comprised 20% of Port Townsend’s population. Here they operated truck gardens to sell produce door to door from double decked wagons. Late 1890s-early 1900s.” Reference: “Here and Elsewhere.”

Chinese Section County Cemetery. Jefferson County.
The Chinese Section County Cemetery is within County Cemetery at 25th Street, Port Townsend. The section was established about 1893. Reference: Jefferson County Genealogical Society.

Jefferson Museum of Art and History. Jefferson County.
Jefferson Museum of Art and History is at 540 Water Street, City of Port Townsend. It has a large collection of Chinese artifacts. Reference: Jefferson County Historical Society.

Port Townsend Chinatown. Jefferson County.
Port Townsend Chinatown was located along the 800 block of Washington Street, Port Townsend. Consisting of laundries, mercantile stores and a brothel, it dates to 1869-1870. A fire in 1900 destroyed much of the Chinatown. The closing of the fisheries in 1915 marked its demise. References: “The Chinese Gardens;” Williams 1990.

Port Townsend Chinese Detention Center. Jefferson County.
The Port Townsend Chinese Detention Center was located on Water Street about one block from the Port Townsend Chinatown. It was in operation from 1901-1902 until 1907 when the center was relocated to Seattle. The three story brick building had been a hotel before its conversion to the detention center. Reference: “Port Townsend’s fine but doomed detention house.”

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