Kitsap County

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Port Blakely Mill
Duplex. Kitsap County.
The Duplex is located on Walker Street, east of Puget Way, in the City of Port Gamble. It was constructed in 1918-1919. A plaque at the duplex indicates the building was housing for the Chinese workers who employed at the Puget Hotel from 1925-1936. Reference: "Duplex 1918-1919." Photo. 

Port Blakely Mill. Kitsap County.
The mill was on the east side of Bainbridge Island at Blakely Harbor. By 1873, labor shortages and completion of the western link of the Northern Pacific Railway resulted in Chinese working at the mill. Anti-Chinese activity drove them out in 1877. See Port Gamble Lumber Mill, Kitsap County. References: “Port Blakely Mill and Mill Town”; “Port Blakely: Portrait of a Mill Town.”

Port Gamble Lumber Mill. Kitsap County.
Port Gamble Lumber mill, in the town of Port Gamble, is on the northwest shore of Kitsap County along the Hood Canal. As many as 50 Chinese worked there in 1878. Chinese also found mill work in nearby Port Blakely. Port Gamble mill and town is a National Historic Landmark. See Port Blakely Mill, Kitsap County. References: Chew and Chinn 2003: 177; “Port Gamble Historic District.”

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